Promise On The Horizon

232.5 – Promise On The Horizon

Promise On The HorizonSlowly, but surely, I’m starting to feel better about things.  Is blogging making things better?  I don’t know.  Perhaps the fact that I’m writing on a regular basis is making me more congnisant of what I’m eating and drinking?  Not sure.  I can say that seeing a smaller number, especially with the health issues that I’ve been dealing with, was a nice treat this morning.

I did good today so far as well.  Didn’t stop on the way in.  Hard boiled egg and a piece of kielbasis (turkey) that I made for the boys for breakfast.  Salad for lunch.  May stop on the way home for a couple of burgers but no bun, no fries and no soda.

Will most likely have a couple of beers on Sunday night watching WWE’s Night Of Champions but other than that no big plans.  Feeling good…

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