234.0 – So Much For Losing 10 Pounds Before The Holidays

Thanksgiving is tomorrow… I’d really hoped that I’d be down under 230 at this point, but if there is any good news it’s that I seem to be “stable” at around 234 / 235.  While this certainly isn’t where I want to be, it’s better than the 238 or so that I was hovering around for quite some time.

Part of my weight maintenance / loss issue is simply the lack of time to get into the gym.  A very small part.  I know full well that if it was a top priority for me, I’d make time to get into the gym and get it done, so I don’t need to be lectured about how I’m making excuses… I get it.  That said, things on the work front are looking relatively positive and I’m hoping that by the time the new year rolls around things will be stabilized to the point where I can get into some sort of a routine.  I’m very much looking forward to that.

Until next time… Happy Thanksgiving.

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