G1 Optimus Prime

236.5 – Frustrated

I have to say I was a bit disappointed when I stepped on the scale this morning.  I didn’t stop on the way home from work (which is rare) and I was pretty pumped.  For dinner I had a couple of pieces of leftover pizza and I made the boys and I some flank steak cause Amanda was out for the evening.

I’m more convinced now than ever that carbs really are my enemy in my battle of the bulge.  This morning I was lucky as the McDonald’s system was down so they were essentially closed.  I took this as a sign… a big sign.  Gotta cut that shit out ASAP.

I had some pretty bad heartburn last night which is also a sign.

These “recommitting” posts happen pretty often, but there WILL be a time where it sticks and the needle starts to head in the right direction for the long haul.  I’m hoping that today is the day.

Day #1 – no fast food.

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