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235.5 – On The Cusp Of Greatness

I woke up this morning and jumped on the scale as I do every morning.  While I can’t say that I was happy with the number that I saw, I can say I’m excited that it was less than the number the last time I wrote a post here.  That’s a good thing.

It was a very busy weekend with a ton of yard work that has made walking rather difficult this AM.  We had pizza for dinner last night which is never a good thing, but with that exception it was a pretty good weekend when it comes to dieting.  I only had 1 beer all weekend which from an alcohol standpoint is pretty tremendous.

My toes are absolutely killing me this morning.  I’m thinking / hoping it’s just from all the work I did this weekend in bad boots, but in the back of my mind I’m kind of worried that I’m moving ever closer to that foot surgery that I unfortunately know is coming.

And now… to the title of this post.  I’m excited.  I really do feel that I’m just on the cusp of really starting on a weight loss trend that I can be happy about.  This sounds like the same shit I’ve said before, but I know that for me I need to be MENTALLY prepared before I really make significant progress.  I’m there…

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