235.5 – A Week Of Standing Pat

Here we are… another Friday and the number on the scale really hasn’t moved.  I went out on Wednesday evening and had beers which is never a good thing for the waistline but have kept my other “splurges” to a minimum.

I took a long introspective look at myself the other day and I realized something kind of disheartening… I’ve quite literally been waiting for the outcome to change but have not been changing the input.  What’s that old saying?  “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  That is unfortunately, exactly what I’ve been doing.

And that has to stop.  I really want to lose weight.  Like… really.  I’d like to start by losing 10 lbs before Thanksgiving.  That would be me in the mid 220’s which while nowhere near my ultimate goal (sub-200) it would be a great start.  So… how to do it?

Well, I certainly have to cut out fast food… or at least the nasty carbs.  No more fries (not that I really eat all that many of them).  No more muffins.  If I’m going to stop at McDonald’s on the way to work, I at LEAST have to not eat the muffins out of the Egg McMuffins.  I simply can’t / won’t cut out beer entirely but I’ve got to limit the drinking as well.

I know what I have to do… just need to do it.

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