Day 2 – 232.0 (+ 0.5 lbs)

Well, the first day was not good from a carb standpoint… I completely forgot that we had a shit ton of pizza left over from the Superbowl so I had a couple of pieces for lunch which messed up my carb day.  I did however go to the pool and have a prett good workout.  Struggled through a full mile and I’m happy to say that I’m making some progress in that area.

5 x 100 free/back = 500
10 x 50 on 1:15 = 500
50 free sprint = 50 (:32)
3 x 100 (flippers) free/back = 300
50 free sprint (flippers) = 50 (:27)
250 warmdown = 250
1,650 yards

For dinner I had some leftover taco meat which hopefully got me back on track.  This morning I made some turkey sausage which was outstanding.  Will check back later!

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