If Only

If Only

The last post I wrote here on the site was on April 7th of last year. That post was titled THE FIRST DAYS OF THE CARNIVORE DIET. I wish I was returning tonight with some great success story about how I’d lose the 70 pounds I’m looking to lose. I wish I’d taken that last 281 days and stuck with it and had some great success story to share.

Sadly… that’s not the case. I’m still on the carnivore diet, but I’m just now completing day number four. FOUR. That last post, where I was taking about my carnivore adventure was 281 days ago. That just sucks.

But here’s the good news… I’m shitting my brains out, but I’m finishing up my fourth day on carnivore. No idea if I’ve lost any weight, but I’m on the path. I’m committed.

281 days from today will be October 18th, 2022. Here’s hoping THAT day I can look back on this one and tell a much more interesting story.


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