Labor Day Whiskey

Behind the Bar September 2019

Labor Day WhiskeyThe Behind The Bar series will be used to keep tracking of my drinking throughout the month. This post will be updated during the month of September 2019 as I have a night out or a cocktail at home.

  1. Mom & Dad’s – 9.1.2019
    Perfect Manhattan x 2, Jack Daniel’s 
    Went to Mom and Dad’s for a Labor Day cookout. Booze is par for the course and it is good. Had another halfsie of just Jack to finish off the night.
  2. In-Law’s – 9.2.2019
    Jack Daniel’s x 2
    Second night in a row with a Labor Day cookout. This time at the in-law’s.
  3. Panini’s – 9.10.2019 
    Miller Lite x 4
    Went to Panini’s for dinner after Council meeting. Cold beer was very needed after a LONG night.
  4. Home – 9.13.2019 
    Jack Daniel’s x 2
    Home on Friday the 13th.
  5. In-Law’s – 9.14.2019
    Tom’s Foolery Bourbon x 3
    Went to the in-law’s place for a family reunion of sorts. Mom’s whiskey has been on the low side so I came prepared… flask in hand 😉
  6. Home – 9.15.2019
    Jack Daniel’s x 3
    Watched the WWE’s Clash of Champions and had a couple of drinks. Overall I’d say it was an enjoyable show. Bro didn’t come over but still enjoyed watching with the boys.
  7. Home – 9.16.2019
    Jack Daniel’s x 3
    The Browns on Monday Night Football! Brownies get the win. Went over to Jay’s to watch the game for a while but ended up watching most of it at home with Wife.
  8. Progressive Field – 9.17.2019 
    Miller Lite x 2
    Went to the Indians game with the family (less the little guy who stayed home with my folks).
  9. Mallard Creek Golf Course – 9.21.2019
    Miller Lite x 7 (?), Jello Shot x 6
    LONG day on the golf course. 9 AM shotgun at Mallard Creek which is about an hour away from home. Beautiful day to be on the course playing in a memorial tournament for a co-worker’s late father with two other co-workers and my buddy Scott. Great time and while I drank a TON I was sweating so much that by the time I drove home I was totally fine.
  10. Home – 9.22.2019
    Tom’s Foolery x 2
    Home watching the Browns play on Sunday Night Football (lost to the Rams 13-20).
  11. Home – 9.23.2019
    Tom’s Foolery Rye x 2
    Random Monday night at home, watching Monday Night Football talking to the wife about some potential big changes (all good).

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