I Wish I Hadn't Read The Comments

235.5 – Forward Progress

I Wish I Hadn't Read The Comments

Starting a new thing today. I’m a huge fan of memes so unless there’s a reason for a specific image with my daily post I’ll be sharing memes. I’ve always been looking for a good place to archive funny memes and with my renewed interest in my health journey and by extension this blog it’s a perfect fit.

So… down a couple of pounds and feeling fine. As I said yesterday I went to the pool last night with the family and did some laps. Not nearly as sore this AM as I thought I would be but definitely feel like I did some physical activity which is great. Pulse was running high for a good couple of hours after my workout and blood pressure was running high as well but came down to normal levels after relaxing for a bit.

The dizziness I had last night has subsided a bit today but not gone completely. I really feel that it’s spinal / nerve related rather than anything super serious. I did request doctor’s approval to get that CT / widow maker scan which will really put my mind at ease.

Will be reviving the Behind The Bar series of posts starting Sunday on July 1st. Might have a beer or two this evening and then will be having several tomorrow as we’re going out for dinner and then having some friends over to the house. Need to make sure that if I’m drinking I’m keeping my other intake to a minimum.

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