Ups And Downs Chart

237.5 – The Ups and Downs of My Journey

Ups And Downs ChartThis morning was pretty good on the scale. The weekend was really bad from an eating / drinking perspective. Started out on Friday with Happy Hour which led straight into a weekend of eating terribly with WAY too many carbs. Pizza, birthday cake (my oldest turned 10 last week and we celebrated this weekend), etc. I was up to 242.5 the other day but yesterday was a kick ass day with zero carbs and no drinking.

I can do this. I know I can. String a few good days together and I can really start to see the progress. My goal of 40 by 40, which is essentially to be 200 lbs by the time I turn 40 in August, probably isn’t realistic. But I’m seeing a way where I can lose weight. I’m seeing a future where I’m 220 rather than 240 and that’s promising.

And consider this… I may not be able to see 200 now, but if I’m at 240 and I can see 220, what am I going to be able to see when I get to 220? Babbling now… but optimistic.

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