Michael Jordan Shrug

241 – Half Pound? I’ll Take It

Michael Jordan ShrugEvery little bit helps. One pound at a time. These are sayings that folks like me who struggle with weight loss have heard a thousand times. Yesterday wasn’t a great day eating wise.

As I said, I stopped at McDonalds for breakfast, something that I’m happy to say I did NOT repeat today. Had Chinese for lunch which the jury is still out on (I need to do some digging) and I had a couple of left over ribs for dinner. All in all not terrible but when you throw in breakfast it was bad.

Today has been good so far… no stopping for breakfast, brought a salad for lunch. No plans to have any drinks tonight and didn’t have any yesterday.

I’m heading to Indianapolis this weekend to hang out with my college room mate. At the very least that will mean beer. Lots of it. Hoping to be headed in the right direction before that trip takes place.

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