Much Better

240.5 – Much Better

Much BetterThat’s more like it. As I was hoping would be the case, this morning on the scale painted a far better picture than yesterday did. Speaking of yesterday, I had a great day eating. For dinner I had a leftover piece of salmon on a salad. A couple of handfuls of peanuts as a snack and that was it for the day.

Tonight has a potential challenge but I’m looking to head it off. I’m headed to BW3 to do another Fantasy Football draft. I do NOT want to eat there and even if I do I’m going to limit it to six wings at the most. I’ve got Cub Scouts for #2 tonight so I’ll eat dinner either before Scouts or after (but before the draft at BW3).

So far today I’ve been good. Didn’t stop for McDonalds and have no intention on stopping on the way home tonight. Had two oranges and some corned beef for breakfast. Planning on having the same chicken / veggies for lunch that I had yesterday. If I can limit my beer consumption this evening tonight to a couple (and light beers at that) I should be setting myself up for a good weigh in tomorrow… possibly back into the 230’s?

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