Backward Running

240.5 – Party Progress = Backwards

Backward RunningBeen having a rough go the last couple of days. As I said yesterday I’ve had a couple of slices and yesterday it was more of the same. Went to dinner at the in-laws house to celebrate my father in-law’s birthday. He’s a pizza fan (to say the least) so that’s what was on the menu. Throw in a glass of Jack Daniel’s and a beer with dinner and it wasn’t the best night food wise. I did skip the majority of dessert and give it to #3.

Got a couple of challenges coming up. Fantasy Football draft order tonight followed by the actual draft next Wednesday. Got a buddy and his girls coming over this weekend while Wife is out of town so that will involve beers too. Gotta stick to eating “clean” during the week when I can. Day #8 of my fast food quit today.

Need to drop another 1.5 lbs in 10 days to be on track… working it.

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