235.5 – Excited To Step On The Scale

ExcitementWoke up this morning and my headache from yesterday was gone. Thank goodness cause that was brutal.  As I stepped out of the shower I have to say that I was excited to step on the scale.  I was happy to see a lower number than yestrday. Wasn’t able to go completely carb free last night as we had a pasta dinner that I’d made and put in the freezer before #3 came along, but I didn’t go crazy and I didn’t snack either.

Stopped on the way home to get 3 burgers and an ice water and didn’t eat the bun. I’m not sure if this is cool or not, but I find that if I do that I don’t overeat at dinner (obviously) and it quells the late night snacking.  I don’t know, maybe I’m just justifying it in my mind. Would love to hear someone’s thoughts on the topic if anyone has them,

Going out tomorrow night for beers, wings & baseball so I’ve go to be good again today. Didn’t stop this AM which was a great start. Will do a salad for lunch and then another sensible dinner and no alcohol.  On the way.

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