Mr. Worry

234 – Worried About The Day Ahead / Not A Good Start

Mr. WorryThis is a weird entry.  The number on the scale this AM was good. Down from the 3 lbs from the 237 I posted the other day and getting ready to change that trend line is a great thing.  But I know that today is going to be tough and tomorrow may not show the best results.  I’m going to the Tribe game tonight and pre-gaming at the Winking Lizard. That mean beer, popcorn and possbily chicken wings.

I’ve only got 9 more beers left on this year’s World Tour and I have to finish the tour at my home store of Bedford so that’s at least 2 more Lizard trips in the future.  Figure I’ll knock 4-5 of them off today and finish them off next week when we go celebrate 6 years dip free for Brad.

I was worried also when I go on the scale this AM as I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a down number. I had a couple of pieces of candy before I left work yesterday (my first carbs of the day) and a couple of tortilla chips with dinner (chili).

On top of all of that… I stopped and got fucking Sausage McMuffins this AM.  So stupid.

I can only move forward… so that’s what I’ll do.

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