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227.5 – Told Ya So

As you can see, my weight will fluxuate quite a bit from day to day (plus or minus a pound or two).  Wednesday night I went to the Lizard and had a couple of beers toward the tour and 6 wings.  While wings are certainly not on any diet, I’ve cut down my typical 12 to 6.  I did this for two reasons.  First, eating 12 wings is not a good thing for the waistline.  Second, I wasn’t actually eating them.  I found that I was bringing home 5-6 wings just about every time I went out.  And while I love having leftover wings, it just wasn’t worth the money or hassle of getting them to go.

Mother’s Day is coming this weekend and we’re headed to Mom & Dad’s to celebrate in the evening.  Earlier in the afternoon we’re headed to Wembly for a brunch with Amanda’s folks.  Need to watch what I eat and keep the drinking to a minimum (though I AM looking forward to a couple of Perfect Manhattans with Dad on Sunday evening.

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