Looking Forward To Day #3

So I’m sitting here toward the end of the night after a good day on the low-carb front.  No cheating, no beer or booze and the wife had a nice healthy dinner waiting for me when I got home (home made chicken tacos which I ate without a shell).  I’m realizing that I’m cautiously optimistic about getting on the scale tomorrow morning.

I DID have plans to go have drinks this evening but those changed (for a variety of reasons).  So the next potential for “badness” on the diet front will now be on Thursday when I’m scheduled for drinks and dinner at the Winking Lizard.  The Lizard typically means a lot of popcorn, wings, a couple of shots and a few beers.  I’m probably not going to limit the beer that night, so at the very least I’m going to have the not go the popcorn route.

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