233.5 – That’s More Like It

As in last night’s post, I had a good feeling about getting on the scale this morning.  Seeing that 233.5 (down 4.5 lbs) is more of what I was expecting when I started this diet.  I’m in this for the long haul so I really don’t care how quickly I take it off, but it is super exciting to see that weight come off (even though I know in my head it’s really nothing more than water weight).

Went to a late breakfast/early lunch today with my boss.  Had a good meeting at the Original Pancake House.  I opted against having pancakes for a variety of reasons and went with the Meat Lover’s Omelet.  It was absolutely tremendous but it was so damn big that not only did I not finish it but I won’t have to eat lunch today.

Still worried about what tomorrow evening’s Winking Lizard trip will do to the diet… gonna need to tread lightly.

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