Potato Chips

The Final Potato Chip Bag

Potato ChipsThis is going to be a weird one. I just polished off what, I’m hoping, will be my last late night bag of potato chips. I snapped this picture of the bag because I want to be able to look back at it and remind myself of a few things. I want to remind myself of my mindset this evening and I want to be able to have a definitive START of my definitive weight loss journey.

That last statement doesn’t make a whole lot of sense when you take into account that this particular blog is over 10 years old as of this writing. I’ve decided today is the day to make a clean break… a fresh start.

I’ve made some pretty terrible decisions when it comes to my weight over these past 10 years. You can go back and read through some of the archives, hell probably most of the archives and you’ll see my struggles through the years. In fact, you’ll most likely see a post or two (or three or four) that sound exactly like this one. I honestly didn’t look before I started typing this but I know they’re there. I don’t care.

I’m now 41 years old. This August I’ll be married to my beautiful wife for 20 years. She deserves someone who’s not fat and out of shape. Our three kids deserve a dad who’s not fat and out of shape. And I deserve to feel better, sleep better and look better than I have in the past 10+ years since this blog was started.

Next to the potato chip bag on my desk sat my Rubik’s Cube and it got me to thinking. It’s a puzzle. And a puzzle that was really maddening for a number of years. When I first started working with it I might be able to get one side done and that’s it. That’s because I didn’t understand how the puzzle worked.


I started drawing comparisons in my mind between the Cube and my weight. Both are puzzles. Both are not easy to figure out. But just like I did with the Cube, I’m committed to work out my weight loss puzzle.

Rubiks Solved

Moving forward this blog needs to be utilized. I need to do a better job of writing not for anyone else but for me. I’ll be keeping track of intake, exercise, progress and blood pressure. It’s getting late and I’ve got a busy day tomorrow but I’ll be returning shortly… to begin working on the puzzle.

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