10 Years

A Decade of Weight Gain Ends Today

10 YearsThings just got weird.

I’ve been working on making some technical changes to the blog here over the last couple of days. I’ve migrated the site onto a much more stable hosting environment and as of this evening I’ve installed a security certificate on the site as well (hence the https in the URL). Why the changes? Well, at least in my mind it’s a re-dedication to my weight loss journey. I’m not collecting any financial information and I’m really the only one that read this site so I don’t really need it there from a SEO perspective either.

So why do it? Again… it’s about re-dedication.

I’m currently weighing in at 241 or 242 depending on the day. I’ve been down to 239 and back up. I believe the highest number I saw on the scale was 246. That’s absolutely pathetic.

Furthermore, as I was looking through some of the first posts on this site after I got done migrating I ran across this one: I’m Fat… Time To Do Something About It. I wrote that post ten years ago tomorrow. TEN YEARS.

I’m taking that as a sign. It’s time. It’s time to get things done for good.

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