234.5 – Dealing With Consequences

So as I’d alluded to previously, I had a night out with a client/friend last night which included dinner and drinks while watching the Browns game.  I’d actually forgotten that prior to that, I also had a happy hour scheduled with another client.  So… yesterday was probably not the best day from a diet perspective.  Between the plate of crackers, wings, etc. at the first place, to the popcorn and wings at the Winking Lizard I wasn’t shocked to see a 1.5 lb gain on the scale this AM.

That being said, I’m in this for the long haul and I simply can’t expect to never “cheat”.  Not only that, but not EVERY day is going to be a decrease in weight.  Just need to limit the ups and keep up with the downs.

Next potential for badness will be on Saturday evening when Amanda’s cousin is getting married.  Will keep the drinking to a minimum and watch what I’m eating.

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