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What Is ‘Prime Verdict’?

PrimeVerdictWhen trying to come up with a name for this websites / blog I was brainstorming domain names.  As you know, finding a good .com these days is pretty difficult to do, and just about every combination of words that I wanted was already taken.

For me, my diet is about good choices.  Choices (decisions) about what I eat, what I don’t eat, what I drink and what I don’t drink have lead me to this point in my life where I’m a big dude.  There really is no “trick” to weight loss in my opinion… it’s all about the decisions that you make.

So after doing some Googling and using the ol thesaurus, I came up with “prime” and “verdict” as two words that were synonyms for what I was going for.


Definition: best part of existence
Synonyms: best, best days, bloom, choice, cream*, elite, fat*, flower*, flowering, height, heyday, maturity, peak, perfection, pink*, prize, spring, springtime, top, verdure, vitality, zenith

Definition: get ready; prepare
Synonyms: break in, brief, clue*, coach, cram, excite, fill in, fit, galvanize, groom, inform, innervate, make ready, motivate, move, notify, prep, provoke, rehearse, stimulate, tell, train


Definition: law judgment
Synonyms: adjudication, answer, arbitrament, award, conclusion, decision, decree, deduction, determination, finding, opinion, ruling, sentence

Somewhere in there, are my reasons for choosing “PrimeVerdict”.  It’s my “choice / motivation” to get to a “conclusion / award”.  I never said it was a good reason… but that was my reason.  Oh  yeah, and I’m a HUGE Transformers fan, so having a domain name with “Prime” in it just kicks ass 😉

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