Jack and Christmas Ale

Behind The Bar February 2017

Jack and Christmas AleAs always, the Behind The Bar series is used to keep tracking of my drinking throughout the month. This post will be updated during the month of February 2017 as I have a night out or a cocktail at home.

  1. Sassy’s Bar and Grille – 2.1.2017
    Jack Daniel’s, Miller Lite x 3
    Went to Sassy’s (first time there) to meet some folks that I’ve gotten to know through a local Twinsburg group. Great time, great people. This is the first of our Twinsburg bar reviews.
  2. Lincoln Tap House – 2.3.2017
    Miller Lite, Dragon’s Milk, Jack Daniel’s
    Happy hour at the tap. Weekend = Go!
  3. Home – 2.5.2017
    Conway’s Irish Ale x 3
    Watching the Super Bowl (which turned out to be a GREAT game) with the family.
  4. Lincoln Tap House / In-Laws – 2.10.2017
    Miller Lite, Conway’s, Jack Daniel’s 
    Happy Hour at the Tap is always a great way to start the weekend. Went to the in-laws house to celebrate Mom’s birthday afterword.
  5. Home – 2.12.2017
    Red wine, Holly Jolly
    Steaks, lobster tail and home made Caesar salad to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We had crab legs too but we were too full… they went back in the freezer and we’ll crack them out in a few days.
  6. Home – 2.12.2017
    Holly Jolly x 2
    At home watching WWE Elimination Chamber with Mark and the boys.
  7. Home – 2.14.2017
    Red wine
    Celebrated Valentine’s Day at home with some crab legs and a home made caesar salad.
  8. Rosenfeld’s – 2.17.2017
    Miller Lite, Jack Daniel’s x 2, Coast To Coast IPA x 2
    Kicking off the first day of a weekend with some of the greatest friend a guy could have. Long drive to Cincinnati and Erik had a beer waiting for me. Good times.
  9. Rosenfeld’s – 2.18.2017
    Miller Lite, Red Wine x 2, Calumet Farm
    Day 2 of the weekend in Cinci. Took the kids to a Cincinnati Bearcats game (Miller Lite) then back to Al’s for steaks, booze and wine. Great times!
  10. Winking Lizard (Independence) – 2.21.2017
    Beer x 6
    Went to the Lizard for a guys night out. Was there for several hours so having six beers in a night isn’t too over the top, but it’s still too much. Not from an alcohol intake perspective necessarily, but from a calorie perspective. ‘
  11. Lincoln Tap House – 2.23.2017
    Conways x 2, Miller Lite, Jack Daniel’s
    Went to happy hour at the Tap as part of a going away celebration for Dave I. Will be sad to see him go.

IMAGE NOTE: Jack Daniel’s and Great Lakes Christmas Ale on tap at The Annex = trouble.

11 out of 28 days (38.28%)

NOTE: I can’t be sure if this is an accurate count… I went back after the fact and edited this post with the total days. It was most likely more than this.

How does this compare to previous years?

February 2016 (14) = 48.27%
February 2015 (14) = 50.00%
February 2014 (8) = 28.57%

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