Shot & A Beer

Behind The Bar For November 2015

Shot & A BeerThe Behind The Bar series will be used to keep tracking of my drinking throughout the month. This post will be updated during the month of November 2015 as I have a night out or a cocktail at home.

  1. Corner Alley / Panini’s (Twinsburg) – 11.5.2015
    Jack Daniel’s / Great Lakes Christmas Ale / Miller Lite
    Had a vendor in town that took us out to dinner. One Jack and one beer and I had to hit the road to meet some friends to watch the Browns play the Bengals in prime time. The game didn’t go well but I had some Miller Lite to cry in.
  2. Lincoln Tap House – 11.6.2015
    Jack Daniel’s / Great Lakes Christmas Ale
    Shot and a beer during happy hour to start the weeked.
  3. Home Sweet Home – 11.7.2015
    Jack Daniel’s
    Had a drink during family movie night (Pixels).
  4. Mom & Dad’s – 11.8.2015
    Perfect Manhattan x 2
    Went to Mom and Dad’s for Sunday family dinner. Ribs, chicken, corn, beans, apple pie and ice cream. Yum.
  5. The Winking Lizard (Bedford) – 11.11.2015
    Great Lakes Christmas Ale, Abbey Ale, Headwaters Pale Ale, 12 Dogs of Christmas Ale, Pop-Up Session IPA, Ankle Biter
    Finished off the 2015 World Tour of Beers today. Long night at the bar, but it needed to be to have time to drink 6 beers. Will not be doing the tour next year.
  6. Lincoln Tap House – 11.13.2015
    12 Dogs of Christmas Ale x 2
    Happy hour.
  7. Home Sweet Home – 11.15.2015
    Maker’s Mark
    Had a drink during family movie night (Star Wars).
  8. Lincoln Tap House – 11.20.2015
    Jack Daniel’s / 12 Dogs of Christmas Ale
    Shot and a beer during happy hour to start the weeked.
  9. The Corner Alley / Quicken Loans Arena – 11.21.2015
    The kids got to play on the Cavs court today as part of their basketball league. After that we hung out at the Corner Alley and had a few drinks before returning to the Q for the game.
  10. Home Sweet Home – 11.22.2015
    Miller Lite / Maker’s Mark
    Had the family over for dinner and Mark, Jordan and I watched WWE’s Survivor Series.
  11. Home Sweet Home – 11.25.2015
    Southern Tier 2Xmas
    Took the day off as I have a slew of vaction days that will expire. Had a beer with dinner. First time with this brand… GREAT stuff.
  12. Mom & Dad’s – 11.26.2015
    Perfect Manhattan x 2 / Red Wine
    Happy Thanksgiving! Traditional Perfect Manhattans and wine with dinner.
  13. Marko’s – 11.27.2015
    Alpine Beer Company Duet / Bell’s Christmas Ale / Jack Daniel’s
    Went to Mark & Meg’s for their traditional post-Thanksgiving bash. SO much fun.
  14. Panini’s Bar & Grill (Twinsburg) / Home – 11.28.2015
    12 Dogs of Christmas Ale / Maker’s Mark
    Took the kids to the tree lighting ceremony in Twinsburg and then to dinner at Panini’s. After dinner & bed time, the neighbors came over for a drink (and we got to watch Notre Dame lose 😉 )
  15. First Energy Stadium / The Pit – 11.30.2015
    Miller Lite / Jack Daniel’s
    Went to the Brown’s game for Monday Night Football. Pre-gamed in The Pit which was the only thing that made the game somewhat watchable as the Browns managed to lose the game on a last second blocked field goal that was taken back for a game winning touchdown. How very Browns of them.

15 out of 30 days (50.00%)

How does this compare to last year? Here’s the breakdown of November 2014 (17) = 56.66%

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