Gliding Along

237.5 – Gliding Along

Gliding AlongAs I come back to the blog I realize that yet again, nearly a month has gone by since my last post. This past month (the last couple of days notwithstanding) have actually been pretty good. I went all the way up to 242 and have been as low as 236. This AM I was at 237.5 which is a pound lower than last month’s post (I promise to do better and to post more often.

I’ve been really focusing on “eating clean” which as I said up until the last couple of days (really since Halloween) I was rather successful at. These last couple of days have been filled with pizza and candy, and today I’ve got a team lunch where pizza is on the menu 🙂  Couple that with the fact that I’ve got a work dinner tonight and will follow that with going to Panini’s to have beers and watch the Browns. All in all, a bad stretch.

I’m nearly half a month behind on my Monthly Drinking tally as well, but will update that post after I get done here.

Not sure if I’d talked about it here on the blog or not, but I decided to postpone the surgery that I’d scheduled on my toes. I’ve got arthritis really bad in both big toes and that’s led to a condition called Hallux Rigidus. That said, it’s making it so I can’t do things in my life so I decided not to have the procedure done. So… I’ve got focus on my weight.

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