Carb Cutting? – 229.5

If I look back over this last year of weight loss, I have to be relatively happy.  I’m actually a couple of pounds heavier than I was say in June of 2012 but I’m WAY better off than I was in October 2012.  I’ve lost, and kept off, 10 lbs since earlier this year, though I have to admit I’m getting a bit worried.

I was down into the low 220’s and I’ve crept back up to 229.5 this AM.  That’s not good.  The more I read, and the more I diet, I’m convince that my long term success is going to be tied to carb cutting.  I’m not suggesting the Atkins Diet perse, but I simply cannot continue to have bagels, pizza, etc. They just don’t agree with my long term weigh loss goals.  These products are allowed on the Weight Watchers program I’ve been following.

Time for carb cutting mode… that means no beer which sucks, but I’ve got a life insurance premium that I need to get in shape for… here goes!

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